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How to view correlations among dow jones stocks

By Adnan Waheed
January 2, 2023

It is very easy to conduction correlation analysis in KlickAnalytics. We provide various tools to conduct correlation matrix within index members, major market groups, and more. e.g. If you want to view the correlation among say Dow Jones index stocks, you can do the following

  • Click on 'Menu'

  • Click on 'Collections'

  • Click on 'Markets Groups'

  • From the first drop down, select 'Dow Jones'

  • From the second drop down, select 'Correlation Matrix'


The above will provide you you

  • the correlation matrix among stocks within Down Jones

  • Correlation matrix will display in either green and red color based heatmaps. The higher the green means the mostly correlations.

  • In addition, the app will display a quick table displaying

    • stock close price,

    • 1 day change,

    • 1 day change %,

    • Trend i.e. Up/Down/No Change,

    • and Days that represent the # of days the stock is either Up/Down or No change

View: Correlation Matrix